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About me

Hi there! I'm Zander.

God is my aim, and trading is my game. I have found my passion and talent in Forex Trading, and also to teach my clients to Trade and Invest, and I believe that every single individual has a talent from God. My passion is to teach people that with God, anything is possible. Our company stands for (God Will Provide), and that is one of the strong foundations of our company.
I'm just an average person like you. I have no special abilities or talents, especially after having dropped out of school at an early age. My passion has always been to be completely self-sufficient, striving for economic freedom for myself and my loved ones.
That's when I discovered Forex trading - The trading of foreign currencies for profit. I am now a full-time Forex Trader, making money while I sleep and increasing the quality of my life exponentially. Being able to dictate how I spend my time, I can now travel when and wherever I want because I can work from anywhere in the world. I can invest in myself and enjoy the hobbies that add value to my life. I can spend time with the people I love most without the restraints of conventional 9 to 5 workdays.
I want to teach you! I want to help you understand that anything is possible if you're going to achieve it. I want to help you because I know what it feels like to struggle, drowning in financial obligations with no solution in sight. When I dropped out of school, even my friends and family didn't believe that I would achieve anything, but today things are different. I am now in complete control of my financial future, affording me the peace of mind that I've been looking for and allowing me to be optimistic about life.
That's what I want for you. Sign up for my Forex Trading Academy course, and start your journey to financial freedom today.

Forex Trading Training

With my 1-year comprehensive Forex Trading Academy course, I will give you the tools and expertise you need to start your career in Forex Trading. I will teach you:

  1. Fibonacci Levels

    The Fibonacci sequence exhibits a specific numerical pattern which originated as the answer to an exercise in the first ever high school algebra text. This pattern turned out to have an interest and importance far beyond what its creator imagined. It can be used to model or describe a fantastic variety of phenomena, in mathematics and science.

  2. Pennant Breakout and Retrace Strategies

    Trading patterns in the market for accurate execution.  

  3. Aggressiveness of the Market

    Focusing on price action  movement 

  4. Horizontal Levels (Support and resistance)

    Focusing on supply and demand.

  5. Market Momentum

    Looking at the timeframe and speed of the market.

  6. Forex Psychology (Of buyers and sellers)

    Understanding how the banks and hedge funds trade, and how we can buy and sell with them and not against them.

  7. Strong and Proper Money Management

    The most critical subject in Forex trading. We will teach you how to manage all your trades properly. 

  8. Elliott wave structure

    We are identifying the beginning and end of a trend. 

  9. RSI Divergence

    RSI (Relative strength index) measures the overbought and oversold areas of the forex market.

  10. WXY Structure

    Trading the correction market.

  11. Fundamental analysis of GDP growth and interest rates data

    We focus on news data economic divergence of currencies, and to see where investors move there cash flow. 

As a successful Forex Trader, I always put your trading interests first, which allows me to provide you with impartial personalized strategies and professional advice. Get in touch to book your place today and start your Forex Trading adventure!


Beginners Course

This is for the basics to get you started

R10 000 for the four months course. ( Now available in monthly down payment )

  • Price action.
  • 1x class per week in class and online.
  • Free lot size calculator.
  • Free updates and trade setups on Facebook.
  • Support and resistance training.
  • Levels, trends, and technical analysis.
  • Access to my YouTube video's

Advanced Course

If you have done a course with another company and still not profitable, then this is for you

R20 000 for the complete 1-year course. ( Now available in monthly down payment )

  • Q & A Session 1x per week.
  • My weekly setup live analysis video send to you every week.
  • In-class and online Webinar teaching 1x per week.
  • Step by step analysis of my live trading.
  • Free lot size calculator for your trading.
  • We are helping you to get the best platform to trade on.
  • Training on using the platform, Indicators.
  • How to read a chart and trade patterns.
  • Technical and Fundamental analysis.
  • Price action.
  • Elliott Wave structure.
  • WXY corrections.
  • Cypher patterns.
  • My live Tradingview analysis platform access
  • Lifetime membership where Traders share their ideas in our private trading room.


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GWP Beginners class
Tue, Oct 8, 2019 6:00 PM - 7:00 PM CAT

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GWP Trading Academy

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GWP Trading Academy

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Gold and EUR-GBP

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